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    Premiere Pro adding frames in my videos?


      I feel like Premiere Pro is adding useless frames in my video when i import it.

      Original video is smooth and something is always happens in it.

      When i add it to Premiere Pro i have a few static frames, so when i try to preview it it looks like it is freezed, but its not freezed. When i watch it frame by frame, there are  bout 5-6 frames which are the same. This is not in original video.

      First i thought that i have problems with preview and i tried other videos and they work just fine. I don't know why it does this to my specific video.

      They are all same format, same bitrate, etc. This one with problems its just a bit longer, about 40-45 seconds. The rest of them are under 15 seconds.

      It's really frustrating. I tried to also render it cause i said " Well, ok, maybe its a preview bug, but it should render it correctly" and it doesn't. It renders those frames which are the same.