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    Perplexed - automatic vignette applied when switching from Library to Develop

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      I've been processing photos for many years but I'm new to Lightroom. I'm very happy with the program so far, but I've started having a problem with Lightroom CC Classic where it appears to be applying a vignette whenever I switch from Library mode to Develop mode. I'm shooting RAW with a Canon 5D Mark IV.


      - I understand how the embedded preview images work, and this does not appear to be consistent with the normal differences between the embedded image and the RAW image.


      - I don't think the program was doing this before.  It seems like a setting changed.


      - I've tried using the image reset options, made sure the camera settings were are set to the Adobe Default, verified no weird settings on import, etc.


      - It is only happening on photos with no additional processing.  If I process the photos the problem goes away. I assume this is because LR is creating a preview image consistent with the edits. But I'm very confused about why it's happening on photos with no edits.


      Here's links to an example:

      Library.jpg - Google Drive

      Develop.JPG - Google Drive


      I'm at a loss.  Any thoughts?


      Thank you!