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    Missing Fonts

    Tralpat Level 1

      I logged in to Premier to get this:


      That is a list of missing fonts.  I am unable to do any playback and Premier locks up.  It worked fine yesterday.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4

          There are threads here that describe how to fix weird stuff that happens during your start of the program ( whatever version that is or OS). Basically, just do a search in forum for " fix weird stuff " and you'll find it.



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            Tralpat Level 1

            No such luck.  Is it worth it to uninstall and re-install  the program?

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              rodneyb56060189 Level 4

              I don't know. If your program worked before with fonts installed but now all of a sudden they aren't there, then maybe you did something in computer that effected that, or maybe a gazillion other things. There's a way to start the program 'fresh' and you should probably try that first. Otherwise you have to supply more info ( how to ask question info needed for others to help).




              Or just re-install but use that cleaner tool thing … maybe someone else will be a font expert and give you magic solution.