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      Does anybody have a clue why this might be happening? When I need to update my project files I get crashes when invoking these 2 functions. Windows goes into that glassy eyed 'RoboHelp has stopped working' phase and I have to shut down. Maddening, needless to say. As far as I can tell I'm not doing anything weird. Small 70 page Fm book with conditional text. Thanks, Simon

      Edit: also crashing on single file Update now
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          Ben Minson Level 2

          Is the updating function something that is supposed to open a dialog box? I ask because if so, maybe it's opening off your screen so that RH looks like it's crashing. Or is it actually saying "Not Responding"?

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            SABU66 Level 1
            Hi, no, there's no dialog involved. It usually has a good old think and presents a status bar. At the moment it's getting about a quarter way along the progress bar and then giving up the ghost.

            ~ I meant progress bar in both cases, of course.
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              I'm having the same problem. I thought I'd solved it when I uninstalled Google Desktop. It worked fine for about 6 wks., then just as I tried to run the final update...Crash!

              Also, I can often tell a crash is pending when the display in the Project Manager flickers every time I move the mouse.

              Copying the CPD file from a pre-crash backup copy seems to restore functionality, but so far only temporarily as I continue to get similar crashes.

              Any ideas/information would be most welcome. Our release is ready to go out and I'd like to have the last few updates included, and be able to continue on with the next update cycle.
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                Do you really mean the same problem as in the first post in the thread or just that you are suffering from crashes?

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                  SABU66 Level 1
                  As far as my crashes go, 24 hours later the crashes had ceased without me doing anything to fix them. I have no doubt that they will return at some later point. What can sometimes help is saving the FM files manually and then Updating the files within the RoboHTML Project Manager > Source files section one by one. But no method is consistent or reliable so most of my work is done with crossed fingers.
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    My personal vote for the reason is quite simple.


                    Now where's my nifty aluminum foil hat? (Honey!!!! Where's the Reynolds Wrap?)
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                      MergeThis Level 4
                      Number two candidate (after SunSpots) is an overly aggressive anti-virus software, but aluminum hats don't help!

                      See if your IT folks would agree to temporarily disable it, for testing.

                      Good luck,
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                        JJBragg Level 1
                        I had the same crash for, I'm guessing the same reason. It occurs when I have to update the topics referenced in FM using TCS. Once it crashes, something is corrupted and I may or may not be able to reopen the project without another "RH must close". If the project opens at all, the files in the Project Manager flicker and do not respond correctly to the mouse, and I know another crash is coming.

                        I tried deleting the CPD file, but that turned the reference symbols into folders. It looked like that meant the relationship with the FM files was broken which defeats the whole single-sourcing functionality?

                        I ended up making a whole new RH project. I also took my computer off the network and "disarmed" my antivirus from scanning or attempting to update. It's also worth mentioning that I had a crash occur immediately after receiving an IM...another reason to be off network.
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                          MergeThis Level 4
                          Ah, of course...a backup of network sewer gases. That'll do it every time!

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                            rhxpt Level 1
                            Unfortunately I have the same problem and have not found a solution. All I can tell you is that eventually it works, just keep closing RH and regenerating until it works. (My project crashes only while updating the files, so as soon as it has finished that stage, I know it will be okay this time. You can see details in the topic "RoboHelp Crashes".)
                            I work on 3 other RH projects as well, and those are fine.

                            Good luck, and please let me know if you find a solution.
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                              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

                              You say that it is RH crashing but then say you work on three project that are fine. That strongly suggests it is something about the fourth project that is causing the problem.

                              Have you tried deleting the CPD file? Before you do that, if you are not on RH7, you might want to see my article on Opening Projects.

                              Any network involved? Is your project and the generate folder on your hard disk?

                              Maybe those questions are answered in the topic to which you refer. It would be helpful if you created a link to that.

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                                rhxpt Level 1
                                Hi Peter,
                                I have tried deleting the CPD file as well as repairing it using Access. (After Access, it worked for properly for almost 2 weeks, generating the chm every day.)

                                The project and generate file is on my local disk.
                                As I said, it only crashes during the "updating" stage, but eventually works.

                                BTW, how do I make a link to my original topic, which you helped with too?

                                Thanks again,
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                                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                                  Try creating a new layout within your project. Initially add just some topics and generate, add more and generate and so on. Maybe the SSL has got corrupted.

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                                    I had this problem as well sometime after I upgraded to 7.0.3; crashes after about 8-10 minutes after I open a project; for no apparent reason.  Wasn't even typing or generating anything; just opened the project.


                                    Tried to fix by remove and reinstall from the CD back to 7.0 (make sure you deactivate the serial number before you uninstall) and it still was crashing so thought it might be a Windows Patch.


                                    Seemed to have fixed the problem when I installed without any of RoboHelp Source control clients or server.   no more crashing..  Maybe an adobe tech can respond to this and provide any information on background operations that happen about 8-10 minutes into opening a project like auto-saving something to the Robohelp Source Control product.


                                    One recommendation; use a real source control product like VSS/TFS or Subversion if you are concerned about versioning.

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                                      rhxpt Level 1

                                      All my updating issues were solved once I upgraded to RH9.