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    How to get cloud library assets placed on document


      I've been trying to find a way to get and use cloud library items in a document with Extendscript (InDesign CC 2018) but with no luck so far. We have multi-site operation and we're sharing libraries over the cloud. It happens that we're using ES too here and there, so it would be very nice to be able to use the library items with ES.


      InDesign ExtendScript API (13.0)  site lists some interesting cloud related methods:

      placeCloudAsset( jsondata:String ) //jsondata:String -JSON data containing metadata about the cloud asset

      openCloudAssetForEdit( jsondata:String ) //jsondata:String -JSON encoded information about the asset to be edited.

      setCloudLibraryCollection( librariesCollectionInfo:String ) //librariesCollectionInfo:String -JSON encoded information about cloud libraries collection

      exportSelectionForCloudLibrary( to:File ) // to:File -The path to the export file.

      exportForCloudLibrary( jsondata:String ) //jsondata:String -JSON encoded information about the export.


      The common problem with these functions is that I cannot figure out how to get that JSON information of the cloud library. Can any one point me any directions direction with this? Any help is highly appreciated!