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    Bulk Processing - adding custom photo frames to multiple images at one time.


      How can I bulk process my images to print/export to a custom photo frame and re-save with a different file name?  I have sorted my images by aspect ratio so all the verticals are in one place.  Then I select all the verticals, print to my photo frame which I created with custom paper and my identity plate, but when I want to print to a jpeg file, I only have the option to do one image at a time using a "save as" function where it prompts me for the file name, not a bulk export "save as" function where you retain the original file name but add custom text and save into a different folder from the originals.  Why can we bulk process when exporting files with a watermark, but we can't do this when printing as a jpeg to a custom frame?  I have both a chop and a copyright statement that I like to put below my images.  I programmed an action in Photoshop but seems like Lightroom should be able to do this.

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Essentially, LR doesn't do this because it's a parametric editor rather than a pixel compositing program like Photoshop. There are workarounds like making your frame into an identity plate, but they're never very satisfactory, so this is how I suggest you do the job.


          Take your action in Photoshop and save it as a droplet. That's in PS under File > Automate. Then in LR, go to File > Export and from the bottom Post Processing step, choose Go to Export Actions Folder. In Finder/Explorer, go into that folder and stick your droplet file in there.


          Now in LR, run an export and choose your droplet as the Post Processing step. This will make Photoshop run the action on each file that you export. You might have to go back and tweak the droplet's save settings, but this method works well once you have things set up as you need.

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