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    Adding a font to Lightroom Classic


      I'm trying to add the Blackoak Standard font to LR Classic. I downloaded it from a few different sites and installed it but in the watermark editor the opacity slider changes the color from black to white (not what I want), but has no effect on the opacity? Can anyone explain this please? Is it a problem with the font files I've downloaded? Is there a site where I can download a version on which I can adjust the opacity? Thank you!

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I found Blackoak Std installed in my Windows-10 system, but there must be something amiss with the font, or the way Lightroom sees it.

          I can change the opacity on the slider in the watermark editor, all the way from black through greys to white, but when I increase it in size it becomes severely pixilated.

          ScreenShot333.jpg ScreenShot334.jpg ScreenShot335.jpg

          You may get a better result creating a PNG file in Photoshop using the font- making it any color you want and with special effects (Shadowing, stroking, Bevel & Emboss, etc) Use this as a Graphic Watermark.


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            raym58268901 Level 1

            Thank you Wobert. I also had the problem with pixilization that you mentioned. I believe your solution will work but my PS "skills" are at about level 0. I'm going to try doing it though, but my preference is to have the Blackoak font perform as the others do in the LR watermark editor.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              I think that font compatibility with Lightroom has ALWAYS been a big problem that Adobe never seems to address, or give answers that explain- why some work, why some don't.

              In 2016 I was posting in threads that had font problems. lightroom fonts

              I wish you Good Luck with getting Blackoak font to work in Lightroom- I do not think it will happen -hence my suggestion for a Graphic that uses the font from other software.


              I have just experimented-

              I opened my C:Windows/Fonts  folder in File Explorer and sampled several fonts from the list-


              Then I tried several of the fonts that were marked as "Editable"  as in the screen-clip above.

              ALL and ANY font, marked as "Editable", including any Adobe fonts, would NOT work in the watermark editor. They all would go pixilated, or worse. (See the first- Bickham Script Pro)


              Some screen-clips from the watermark editor:






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