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    Nix Collection won't load in Lightroom Classic CC 7.5


      I'm using Lightroom Classic CC ver 7.5 on an iMac running High Sierra (10.13.5)


      When I right click an image and select 'Edit In' all the Nix Collection plug-ins appear as normal.  If I click on 'Silver Efex Pro 2', I get the What to Edit dialogue box, and select 'Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments'.  Lightroom then creates a copy of the image I'm editing, with the 'Preparing file for editing' progress bar in the top left hand corner filling from left to right.  But Silver Efex Pro doesn't launch.  All I'm left with is a copy of the image, but no Silver Efex Pro.  


      This is mysterious because the process was working fine until yesterday.  But suddenly, without any change on my part to Lightroom, or OSX, or anything, it stopped working.  Any advice would be gratefully received.  Thanks,