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    cfgrid cfform

      Hello. I am getting very frustrated!! I am working with a cfgrid and cfform. It should be a very simple thing...

      Two issues...

      One, the first time I submit the form with changes, it doesn't pass the form field variables. The ChoicesGrid is a empty string. The second time I submit it with changes it does pass the variables, etc. Every other time it has the variables to process. I am guessing I am just overlooking a simple thing, but I just cannot figure it out.

      Two, so on the every other time that I actually get form fields, I will update, let's say, Default_Answer for Choice_ID 52, but in the form fields once submitted, the Default_Answer does show the update but to another Choice_ID.

      See code below... Any help or insight would be appreciated!!! Thanks, Chrissy

      <cfform name="Choices">
      <cfgrid name="ChoicesGrid" format="html" selectmode="edit" insert="yes" delete="yes" query="getAllChoicesGrid">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_ID" display="no">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Name" header="Choice" display="yes">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Default" header="Default" display="yes">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_EarlyFee" header="Early Fee" display="yes">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Deadline" header="Deadline" display="yes">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Fee" header="Fee" display="yes">
      <cfgridcolumn name="Choice_Order" header="Order" display="yes">
      <cfinput type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit">