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    trouble unlinking smart object in photoshop


      In Lightroom Classic, I'm opening images into Photoshop CC, by right clicking on the image in Lightroom and going to "Edit In > Open as Smart Object in Photoshop". After making some adjustments, I rasterize the smart object, save the file and close it. Lightroom always creates a linked version of my new Photoshop edit, even though the PS file has been rasterized.


      So for every image that I open as a Smart Object in Photoshop, I get a linked file in Lightroom, even after I rasterize the layer. I don't want the duplicate linked images in LR. I can remove them from the catalog, but If I delete (delete from disk) the file in Lightroom, the saved and closed file in Photoshop is now automatically in my trash.


      Why am I getting these linked versions in LR, even after rasterizing? I can remove them, but this seems dicey, because I might accidentally select "delete from disk", (which is what I usually do when removing files in LR).