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    Converting Demo version to Training and Assessment


      I'm using Captivate 3 and I need to develop simulations in all three modes. The problem is that I've made so many changes to the demo mode, due to the fact that I had to capture extra screens and delete, the three modes no longer line up. Is there a way to convert one mode to the other modes without comparing screen to screen. Please advise.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi ljlove3

          Unfortunately there is no single “click a button and poof! it's converted” type of solution here. What you would probably need to do is to first rename the original simulation. (for safekeeping) Then open the Demo and click File * Save As to create a copy. Then edit the copy to remove the Demo bits and add in the Simulation bits. Turning off the mouse for the sim is easy enough. Just select all the slides with mouse movement and click the Slide menu. Then drop over or down to the “show mouse” option and DE-select the mouse. From there, you would add in Click Boxes and whatnot to make it a simulation.

          Hopefully something here was of value to you... Rick