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    RoboHelp 6 and 7 when used on Windows 2003.


      I read that the latest version of RoboHelp (RH7) does not work on Windows 2003. See http://www.adobe.com/products/robohelp/productinfo/systemreqs/ for RH7's OS requirements. RH7 is certified for Vista, XP and 2000; but not 2003. Isn't that surprising? Does anyone know what are the issues with using Windows 2003 and RH7?

      Surprisingly, the online help for RH6 says RH6 is certified on OS Windows 2000 SP4 and later which means Windows 2003 should be supported. In that case, why should a later version (RH7) drop support for it?

      I ask because we are facing several performance issues using RH6 on Windows 2003 (we just upgraded from Windows 2000). It takes a long time to do just about anything in WebHelp (for RH6). Our project is huge and uses Visual SourceSafe for version control. We didn't have any such problems using RH6 on Windows 2000.