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    inspecting unknown objects

    eLearningDeveloper Level 1
      My Flash program loads external swf files not created by me, and I need to access the properties inside them. Iterating through the loaded mc clip:

      for( var item:String in myLoadedClip_mc ) {
      trace( item + " :: " + myLoadedClip_mc.item + "\n" );

      gives a series of propertie names - for "item", however, all values using myLoadedClip_mc are undefined.

      When I use toString() with the code above:
      trace( item + " :: " + toString( myLoadedClip_mc.item ) + "\n" );

      the output is [object Object]

      and when I use valueOf
      trace( item + " :: " + vvalueOf( myLoadedClip_mc.item ) + "\n" );

      the output is _level0

      What I need is to determine what is in each of those properties (or objects, as it were) of the swf I am inspecting; I am presently only getting top-level names, if you will.

      I have tried assigning the item to a new object, and then iterate through that, with no luck.

      Anyone help?

      Thank you very much.