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    Where has the check box gone?!

    AndreaDFresco Level 1

      I have just updated to Acrobat Pro CC 2009.008.20071 and now when I bring up a list of comments on a PDF design file there is no longer a check box to tick off changes as I go. I used to filter by unchecked comments to keep track of what fixes had been actioned. The check box is no longer there.


      There are more approval options (completed/apprvoed/add check box etc) in the hamburger dropdown but that is surely not the process for checking off each edit?!


      I have identified a temporary (but less good) workaround - (shift + k) which ticks the corner of the box but it doesn't then take you to the next comment as occurred previously, meaning that you need to click on the next one. This actually slows down workflow significantly in a graphic design setting where changes are actioned at speed and timed/. I have read in other forums that some designers used to press the space bar to tick and move to the next change to be even faster. @

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