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    MX7 vs CF8

    larry_schwartz Level 1
      Hi, I'm getting started on a new project in MX7. We can use CF8 if we want since our production servers have both. Main purpose would be to make use of the new cfzip tag. However, we're capable of writing our own CFX in Java, so it isn't necessary to use CF8, just a convenience.

      Any thoughts on whether we should go with CF8? Primarily interested in issues regarding stability and bugs.

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          tclaremont Level 2
          CF8 has been around long enough now to where you can be pretty comfortable with the fact that most of the problems are at least known, if not already addressed.

          CF8 purports to be quite a bit faster, but this seems to vary based on the usual variables.

          I would say at this date that the advantages of being on the most recent version now outweigh the disadvantages that usually accompany "early adopter" status.

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            Level 1
            I just upgraded my alpha server to take advantage of some of the .net integration. Some of the new features definitely make it attractive to upgrade. If it seems stable enough for my old apps, I will move it to production in a few weeks...

            I have also definitely noticed an improvement in performance for some of my apps (newer CFC based apps). The older apps that were developed originally in CF 4.5 (i.e. more procedural than CFC based) don't seem to get the same performance boost.

            I'm happy with the upgarde so far...
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              larry_schwartz Level 1
              Thanks for the info.