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    General Question About Flex Framework

      I have been spinning my wheels for a while reading articles and looking at code samples to determine a starting point for a project. I want to create a dynamic "module" loading MXML Application system with a nice base class for the modules being loaded. The module base class, if designed right, will take care of most of the common module events and routines. In addition to the module class, there would need to be a module loader. The loader would be used to facilitate user interaction, load the desired module, and interact with each module in a manner consistent with system design (i.e. printing, paging, exporting). The GUI base classes will need to contain either an advanced data grid or a chart class, based on module type being loaded, with support for gathering data from an external data source.

      End rambling…

      I have already developed a system similar to what is being described in C# and would like to “port” it to flex. Where should I start? Are there pitfalls with using the SWFLoader? It seems there is an issue interacting with objects instantiated in a loaded swf. Is the module class a good start? Any suggestions would be helpful.