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    Reporting Tools

    Ansury Level 3
      Is there anything out there that we can utilize with a standard Flex app for report generation?

      If Adobe is going to claim that Flex is a good choice for enterprise applications (as advertised in the product overview), I find it a little strange that there doesn't seem to be any form of native support for reporting. Something on the scale of Flex charting is probably needed... but what are the current options available?

      Generate a pdf on the server and download it to the client? (Whatever it is this has to cost $0, so FlashPaper isn't going to work out here.)

      What is everyone else out there doing? There has to be others facing this decision...
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          I'm working on a Flex/php application and I found a good tool for report generation : BIRT (it comes as an Eclipse plugin). You can use visual tools to build your report, and feed data in various formats(XML or direct DB link with JDBC). All you need is to deploy BIRT runtime on a Tomcat server and life is beautiful :).
          Within Flex you should open the report directly in browser by calling navigateToURL(url, '_blank'). Else you may download the PDF using a FileReference.

          Hope this helps,

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            Ansury Level 3
            URL stuff not going to work (full fledged Flex app running in Flash, not using PHP or any other HTML generating language), PDF generation may be useful, so I'll look into that.

            So far what I've uncovered is:

            ClearBI (not free, $799/seat or a per cpu lic, but targeted at Flex/Java developers)

            Oracle BI Publisher (not free either afaik, just found it so I'm not sure, seems to claim Flex/Flash integration of some kind)