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    Shared Projects: Piecing them together?

    FCGTV-Scott Level 1

      My co-worker and I are collaborating on video that we have split up into 6 sections and created separate projects for each section.  I created a Master project and imported each of the 6 projects as shared projects and I can see which projects my coworker has open and lock projects and all that just fine.


      We each got rough cuts done for all 6 sequences and wanted to see them together as a single video so I imported each project's main sequence into a new timeline and placed them back to back.


      Problem now is, any changes we make in the sub-projects moving forward do not carry over to the master project.  We have to delete that sequence and re-import it with the changes and line it all back up.  Is this the proper workflow for Shared Projects that exists on a fiber connected SAN server?  Should dynamic link be working between Premiere Pro projects, or does that only work for AE?  It seems like I should be able to make a Master Timeline with dynamically linked projects as sub-sequences, but I'm seeing that as an option.


      Any help you be great! Thanks!