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    Export Captivate 3 to Flash CS3

      Has anyone found a solution for the issue with captivate scaling the slide background images by half when exporting Captivate 3 to Flash CS3? I'm noticing there is a 'boundin-box' clip in the flash file that is the size of the captivate file I'm exporting.

      In other words, My captivate file is 500 x 400. When I export the file and open in Flash, my background images are: 250 x 200, but there is a clip named 'bounding-box' that is the correct size (500x400).

      There is also a green box (probably a corrupted mask) around the cursors.

      I've searched extensively for a solution to this and have only found other people sharing this problem. Help. The only reason I need captivate is for screen record to manipulate in flash. If it can't do that then, to me, what's the point?
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          I have noticed this issue too. Except my issue is the images are 50000 x 40000 when they should be 800 x 600. I have also noticed any images used for buttons are half the size they should be.
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            I am also experiencing the same issue when importing Captivate 3 files into Flash CS3. I need to convert the Captivate file into an .flv file. So as an alternative, I've attempted to convert the published Captivate .swf file to an .flv using Moyea swf to video converter, but it doesn't retain the image quality and it increases the file size by a great deal.

            I've read on some forums that Captivate 2 to Flash 8 may work, but I haven't tried that yet.

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              Exact same problem here. Background slides look to be about half size, and a green box around the cursor while it extends beyond the image, appearing to click into empty space.

              I am developing tutorials on a Mac, and the only reason I am using a PC right now is to get Cap files into Flash for manipulation on the Mac.

              We need a solution!
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                - The slide backgrounds are all held on one layer in Flash. Looks to
                consistently be layer 2, named Slide Backgrounds :-)
                - This layer is locked. So click on the little padlock and unlock the layer.
                - Select "Onion Skin" and "Edit Multiple Frames"
                - Two little 'start onion skin" and "end onion skin" indicators appear at
                the top of the timeline - move them to the start and end of the timeline, so
                they encompass the whole project.
                - Select the Slide Backgrounds layer so that all of the Slide Background
                images are selected at once. You may need to also click on the background.
                - If you get it right. You'll see size and location values for the
                background in the Properties panel.
                - Type in the correct slide background size, and position 0,0.


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                  This is all well and good, However is there a chance that adobe could include a fix in the next flash update?
                  (I know Captivate isn’t a priority for the flash community.. but some of us need these functions to work)
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                    I agree with the previous posts. The export to Flash functionality needs to be improved. The solution Steve Howard posted, while greatly appreciated, is cumbersome when dealing with large presentations. I hope Adobe reads these posts and provides a fix for this problem soon.
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                      Welcome to our community, GL2corp

                      If you really wish for Adobe to hear the issue, you (and others) should definitely consider submitting a Bug Report about it.

                      Click here to view the WishForm/Bug Reporting Form

                      Cheers... Rick