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    Multicam, wrong timecode and incomplete flatten,


      Have Act I, Act II and Act III multicams of a workshop theatre production. stereo mix from FOH Protools on A1 in each multicam.


      Lay in Multicams into master sequence, start choosing angles and making temporal edits due to production problems and actor flubs.


      First thing I noticed was that with overlays selected to show the timecode for the A1 track of the sequence (which is A1 of the Multicam which is the stereo mix track)

      the TC is fine up until the first edit in the audio track. After that it changes from time-of-day that is in the protools audio file to a 00:XX:XX:XX timecode (probably clip time?).

      Same thing happens with the Act II and Act III Multicams.

      Note these are just temporal edits in the audio track of the multicam. I am not switching audio source tracks.


      When I go to flatten the Multicam, the video flattens just fine but the audio only flattens the first clip of each Multicam. Any audio after the first edit stays as a Multicam and can't be flattened no matter what is selected.


      Is there a way to fully flatten a multicam sequence like this? Or at the very least get the Overlay to show the proper TC of the tracks in the sequence?