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    Conditional Tags Gone Wild

      RoboHelp V7

      I have a project that I recently added some topics to and created an additional Conditional Tag so that I could produce another layout. This worked great as I published my .chm files and saved the project.

      A few days later I opened the project to find that topics that I had not applied any tags to previously now had the newest tag applied to them.

      Any ideas?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          No way I know of to do that. Unfortunately I cannot think what you could do to create that situation.

          Is the project on a network? If so move it locally and then fix the problem manually. Hopefully it will not recur.

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            HydroModeler Level 1
            I am doing my editing on my local machine.

            Does it ever cause any problems to have two sessions of RoboHelp open at the same time? I have been doing this recently because I am trying to combine projects that are very similar that others have created in the past with version 5. It helps me know what files I need to import that are different between projects.

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              lmarden Level 2
              Good morning, Hydro. I actually have two RH 7 sessions open right now - I get a Help system from our sister company that I review for new content against our system. RH has been very agreeable, so far. The only thing I have found is that the CPD files for both projects tend to bloat more quickly when I am working with both projects at the same time. So, occasionally before I open the projects for the day, I rename the CPD file and then start up, letting each one regenerate. But other than that, it seems very safe here.