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    Track select forward doesn't move markers?

    Suicide Level 1

      I'm relatively new to Premiere and trying to insert a brief pause into the video. I used the razor tool to make a cut in the narration audio, and now I want to budge over everything to the right.


      I thought I could do this with the track select forward tool, but it's not moving my section markers.


      So, two questions:


      1. What's the point of the track select forward tool if it doesn't move markers? Isn't it virtually useless? Or is it not recommended to use markers in our projects? I would find it very difficult to work on a large, complicated video without markers to let me see the overall structure at a glance.


      2. Am I doing this wrong? Is there an easier way to budge everything over to the right? I'm just trying to create a gap in the narration, which I will later fill with a title (but I haven't started adding slides and titles yet).