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    Newbie needs help

      Hi! I working on something for a client and I'm in a little over my head. Let me quickly describe what I need to do:

      The stage consists of an embedded video clip (of an empty green field with clouds moving in timelapse) and three buttons to the right of it. In the rollover frame of each button is a character positioned to appear over the video. When you rollover a button, the character appears in the field as the video continues to play behind. If you click the button, the browser goes to another page. That much was simple to do and works fine.

      The behavior I need to accomplish, however is a little different: When you rollover a button, the character appears in the field but the video starts from the beginning and only plays the first fifteen frames. Then the video waits paused until you either click or roll off. If you click, the browser goes to another page. If you roll off, the timeline just starts over. The idea is that the first fifteen frames of the video serve as the rollover character's background. Beyond the fifteenth frame of the video (the remainder of the timeline) there will be text graphics moving around in the field.

      If you can help with the scripting I'd sure appreciate it. I've posted the unscripted (incomplete) swf to provide a clearer idea of what I'm working on ( link). Thank you so much.