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    Essential graphics low res until rendered?

    Trevor_Asq Level 4

      Finally moved over to using Essential Graphics rather than the old title tool (or After Effects). Couple of questions for the hive mind..


      1. Am I correct that the output is low res & has to be rendered for full quantity? Certainly looks like it


      2. I’m sure it’s in the manual but, when linking an object to another (eg Text line 2 to text line 1) what do the indicators mean - I’ve had some weird scaling on text line 2 when overtyping text line 1


      3. I can scale (eg a shape) horizontally separately from vertically (by toggling the link button) but I only see 1 parameter (which controls horizontal).



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          Trevor_Asq Level 4

          To partially answer my own question:


          Left of the link icon is V scaling and right is H scaling (found by adjusting the scaling for the text object in effect controls)


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            Trevor_Asq Level 4

            And to answer the bit about pinning position... if you pin to more than one edge (e.g. pin to top and bottom edges) the pinned object will scale with the object it is pinned too (in the verticals in this case).


            So it can be good, for example, for ensuring that a background shape behind a subtitle is always the same size relative to the text.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The EGP is different enough from the old Titler that it's almost needed to watch some tutorials of people working with it. The operational model even ... some controls for say text size/font/kerning & such are mostly expected to be controlled via the EGP, and animation other than the roll/responsive controls are expected to be in the ECP.


              So you need to understand when to go where for what control. Takes a bit of getting used to.


              The EGP's tools for creating graphic elements are still somewhat limited, but you can easily import graphic shapes & such from AfterEffects, Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign for example, and use those within your graphic.


              To be able to reuse & modify, you need to export as a mogrt ... then you can drag/drop and use multiple times. If you set your text with Master type settings, you can change those for a series of mogrt's at any time.


              There's all sorts of things like that which are not "obvious" but work easily enough once you know about them.


              Resources ... Jarle Leirpoll is one of the original folks making what have come to be mogrts, and his site has some good material written and video-clipped on using them both within PrPro and Ae. He has a book due out soon that should be a wondrous resource, but it's mainly based on creating mogrts in Ae for use in PrPro.


              premierepro.net ...


              The PremiereBro site has many tutorials and blogs on the EGP and mogrts within PrPro ...



              Kelsey at PremiereGal also ...



              Plus of course there are some in the Adobe blogs/tutorials material.


              Plus, they've announced some new features added in the next release, which was previewed at IBC a couple weeks back. Good chance it will get 'dropped' sometime either during Adobe MAX a bit over a week from now or within a couple weeks afterwards. And new cool stuff means of course figuring out how it actually works ...



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