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    Flash and java

    normanDig Level 1
      Currently I have a working java applet that works great, but I am looking to use Flash as a front-end. The reason for choosing an applet is that I want all of the computation to be performed on the client-side. This project is for educational (Grades 7-12) purposes and I need something a bit more interesting than the blah look of java applets so I would like to use Flash.

      I have read some information about using java with flash, but the computation needs to slide over to the server-side which is not what I want to do. So, basically I am looking for a means of using my current java classes to perform the computation on the client-side just like an applet but to have a more visually appealing GUI for the front-end. Is this possible? Please let me know either way. Thanks.
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          ooba Level 1
          Yes it would be possible. Both Flash and JAVA (applets) can communicate with the Browser via Javascript.
          You could have the Flash make Javascript calls which in turn would call the applet, process the request and then call back to the browser (via Javascript) then to the Flash player.

          I know it can be done as in the past (long time ago) I had written JAVA to communicate with the browser and have also written Flash to communicate with the browser. However, at this time if you were to ask me for the actual script to do so, I would not be able to help. But like I said it is possible.