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    Windows Explorer / Source File Issue

      Hi All,

      I had an issue whereby R/H was unable to locate my .html files after a reinstallation. I eventually resolved this by completely rebuilding my laptop form scratch and then reloading Robohelp.

      Now I find that when I try to enter my source files Windows Explorer crashes (urgghh!) when the folder is clicked. There is no error message to report it just falls over.

      Note: I can get to the source folder / files from within Robohelp "Open an existing project" the above issue impacts Windows Explorer and image insertion (CTRL G)

      As an aside why do we constantly have these / similar issues each time we have to re-install R/H and why is a trouble shooting guide not provided with the installation? Terribly frustrating in our technically advanced age not to be able to insert and installation disc roll your sleeves up and get on with using your new toy ;o)

      As always thanks in advance of any advice.
      Best. J.