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    Mouse actions unresponsive throughout parts of image


      (Lightroom Classic CC, on the newest 15 inMacBook Pro using the 2.9 GHz i9, 32 GB memory, and Radeon Pro 560x graphics

      Shooting Raw, image is stored on built in 1TB Flash storage.)

      In the develop module, sometimes when moving the cursor around the image, parts of the image are unresponsive, and the cursor becomes an arrow, which does nothing.  It has been the entire top half(ish) of the images today...

        It doesnt matter whether I'm cropping, brushing, applying a gradient, etc... It's like that part of the image is unusable.

      Sometimes if i quit lightroom and reopen it, it works again.  Very random.

      Any help here?

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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Adamophoto,


          We're sorry to hear about the lag in Lightroom, have you tried turning off the Graphics processor from the Lightroom preferences? Go to Lightroom > Preferences >Performance tab > Uncheck GPU > Restart Lightroom.


          Also, could you please let us know which exact version of Lightroom you're working on and which operating system are you using?


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            adamophoto Level 1

            I am Runnin Lightroom Classic CC 7.5 on Mac OS Mojave  10.14

            I can turn off the graphics processor for lightroom, but does that not defeat the purpose of having all these expensive parts in my computer? Does this not slow down/not take advantage of having this laptop in the first place?  Seems like a bandaid to a problem, that will cause the rest of my experience to suffer.  Or am I understanding this all wrong?