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    New Premiere Pro user: how to keep clips together when changing speed

    pro1000 Level 1



      We are considering moving from Movavi Video Editor to Premiere Pro and started a product trial. We often accelerate certain scenes (food/recipe videos), and in Movavi, if we accelerate a clip from 100% to 200%, everything else in the timeline moves to "stick" to the clip's endpoint. In Premiere Pro, it seems one option is to use the Remove Gap function, but it is manual and adds an extra step. Also, after removing the gap, if I try to go back from 200% to 100%, the clip can't expand its length back to the original, as it is squeezed by the next clip. There must be a way for things on the timeline to automatically adjust and all clips to stay bonded to each other as we adjust speeds up and down... but I can't find that setting. Help?