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    Primus Knowledge Solutions??

      I am curious to know if anyone has had any experience or have information regarding Primus Knowledge Solution? It seems to be a utility employed in call centers mostly that will gather most asked questions and create a knowledgebase. My company is leaving RoboHelp for this and it looks as though I will become "non-essential" at that point.

      Thanks for any comments.
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          Seems very strange that a help author would become non-essential just because of a change in tool. As if your value is your knowledge of RoboHelp rather than the ability to write, edit and manage large volumes of user assistance information.

          Sounds like you company is also leaving user assistance behind at the same time.

          best of luck.
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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi skoldpadda,

            I've come across the Primus suite on a project in an e-commerce environment. Although I didn't work directly with the product, I got to look at some of the reports it churned out. My experience with this product and all Help Desk/Call centre software is that the users need to very disciplined to get the most out of it. They are only as good as the information that gets put in.

            Support staff just about get time to follow up a call never mind sit down and document the questions and more importantly solutions. They will need a couple of content controllers to keep the information up-to-date and meaning full, so it may be an oportunity for you rather than a time to update you C.V. and phone those people that live on the darker side (i.e. employement agencies).

            The software your are refering to is not magic - staff will need to be trained, usage will need to be monitored and content will need to be checked/proofed by a skilled writer.

            Just my humble ramblings
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              skoldpadda Level 1
              Thank you all for your comments. For anyone interested, looks like the new solution will actually be Novo Solutions Knowledgebase which I have some expereience in so this is good news to me!

              Thanks again!