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    Searching a Mysql Database With PHP and FLEX 2.0

      Hi there
      I need help with an adobe Flex 2 PHP Mysql project.
      This project has a search feature where the user selects Criteria based on 3 dropdown components that are populated with dynamic data from PHP MYSQL.

      When the user selects these 3 criterias,we would like the results to be displayed on the flex application under the search bar,

      Please let me know If You would be interested.
      I have Adobe Connect,MSN,AIM,SKYPE,YAHOO,etc.
      We can offer more work after this job has been completed.

      I am an 8 year Internet veteran with a Mass amount of Work,and projects,for flex.

      Please at least email me with any questions,
      Brandon James Broga
      web technologies

      aim = brandonjb2008
      msn= mail@webtechhost.net
      yahoo = webtechhost