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    copy member

    sensiblemind Level 1
      hi all , how can i copy member in cast to anther cast ?
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          You can right click it and choose copy, then paste it into the other
          cast... also keyboard shortcuts work (ctrl-c, ctrl-v for PC or
          cmd-c,cmd-v for Mac)
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            sensiblemind Level 1
            :D thank you , but i asked about the lingo code
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              That will depend on what kind of member you want to copy. There is no
              facility to use lingo to copy members like you want, so you would have
              to make a new member and copy the contents of the old member into it.

              To copy a #bitmap member named "image2copy" that you want to copy into a
              cast named "newCast", use something like this:

              --make a new empty bitmap
              copyImage=new(#bitmap,castlib "newCast")

              --copy the image into the new bitmap

              --name the new member

              The 1st 2 lines of code may be different for different media types.
              Obviously you would make the new member #text if you want a text member
              or whatever you are using... also, most of them use the .media property,
              but not all. Some may require a slightly different 2nd line.