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    Premiere duplicates files when importing through PluralEyes

    Daniel Bendig

      Hey there, I have an issue when importing files that were previously synced in PluralEyes 3.


      I have one card of Audio and six cards of video. I would like to sync every card individually and not all cards at once. If I do this, I get six individual XML files that I can import into Premiere. Because the sound was only recorded on one card, I had to import all the sound for every card I wanted to sync. Therefore, the XML files will obviously have all the sound in every file. Once I import the XMLs into Premiere, it imports all of the sound six times, which I would like to avoid.


      For some reason, Premiere didn't do this on the last project I worked on. It imported the sound once. When I imported the other cards, that had the same sound linked in them, Premiere didn't import the sound again - only the new video files that had not yet been imported.


      I hope it is understandable, what my issue is. As it wasn't a problem on the last project, I am quite annoyed that it suddenly doesn't work the same way anymore.


      Does anyone have suggestions for this?