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    Flash video hosting

    dasura Level 1

      How much flash video can an ordinary web server host? For example I want to show a 2-5 min long flashvideo clip on a website. If Im lucky there could be 500 visitors watching the video at the same time. Will it do with an ordinary webserver or must I use a media server or something similar or maybe just another webserver? What is best practice placing flash video to a website that has approx 2000 visitors a day?

      thanks in advance!
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          It depends on the bandwidth you get with your web hosting service. I have 500 GB/month on my personal site, which doesn't get very much traffic. But, 500 GB/month means that you can send/receive 500GB of file size every month. So, if your video is 5 MB, then you can have approx. 100,000 people look at it over the course of the month with my bandwidth. This will vary, based on the size of the html, swf player, and swf skin you use. Also, any files you FTP up to the server usually count toward the bandwidth as well. If the bandwidth you have doesn't allow for the expected (or actual) traffic, then you will need to upgrade/move your server.