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    Acrobat Pro 2017 Interactions With MS Outlook

    dauphinb Level 1

      My work group has just upgraded from Acrobat Pro X to Pro 2017, as part of upgrading to TCS2019. Today, I notice that certain actions in MS Outlook (our default email application) -- opening a new message, replying or forwarding, filing messages in folders -- are much slower than usual. Simultaneously, I see that three's a new "Adobe Send and Track" tool in the Outlook ribbon. Are these things possibly related? Or is it just a coincidence that Outlook has slowed to a crawl just as this new add-in tool appeared?


      Further details: We're working within a corporate firewall, and neither need nor want any cloud-based features. We're currently in a Win 7 environment, though I expect we will move to Win 10 within the year. If there's any chance this performance issue is related to the Acrobat upgrade, I'd appreciate tips on how to ameliorate it.

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          pdhir27 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Bill,


          Thanks for writing to us about the issue. Can you kindly help us with the following information-


          1. The Outlook version you are currently using.

          2. Can you describe in which scenario do you feel Outlook has become slow like- Opening New Mail, Open new emails, replying forwarding etc.

          3. Can you share the video for the above scenario?

          Also, go to File->Option->Add-ins->Go->Uncheck the the box next to Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Outlook - Acrobat->Ok, and create another video of the same scenarion as above and than go to File->Option->Add-ins->Go->Check the the box next to Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Outlook - Acrobat ->Apply->Ok


          You can share the two videos at dhir@adobe.com


          Looking forward to your reply.




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            dauphinb Level 1

            1. It's Outlook Version 14.0.7212.5000, part of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.


            2. I have been noticing long waits (several minutes) to open a new blank message, to Reply/Reply All/Forward an open message, or to file an open message in a folder.


            3. No, I can't share videos: I don't know how to record my active screen, but even if I did, I'm uncomfortable sharing anything from a company computer to a public forum.


            I will say that when I go to Options>Add-Ins, I do not see anything called Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft Outlook - Acrobat. I do see something called Adobe Send & Track for Microsoft Outlook - Acrobat, which I assume is the equivalent add-in for Acrobat Pro 2017 (i.e., as opposed to Acrobat DC Pro). I don't see any boxes to check or uncheck, though: My guess is that as a local user, I don't have the permissions required to manage Outlook add-ins on my own. I will contact my company's Help Desk.

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