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    Legal Blackline changes not converting to PDF




      We use the Legal Blackline feature in Word for comparing document differences.  If we use Save As pdf all the blacklinings disappear in the saved pdf.


      However, if I right click on the Word document from Explorer and select Convert to Adobe PDF, then blacklinings save correctly and are visible in the saved pdf.


      I've been going through the forum and it seems like they should just be visible without making any changes.




      Has anyone seen this before and have a possible solution?




      Thank you,



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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          The Save as PDF in Word is Microsoft's PDF creation. Using the Save as Adobe PDF in Word, the Create PDF from the Adobe PDF ribbon in Word, or right-clicking on a Word document and selecting Convert to Adobe PDF are all Acrobat's PDF creation. Big difference. We cannot be responsible for what Microsoft's PDF creation (or lack thereof) does.


                    - Dov

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            jasonm83405312 Level 1

            Sorry, that was a user/keyboard mistake.  I should have put,  "If we use Save as Adobe PDF all the blacklines disappear..",

            But for testing, I just tried Save as -> and chose PDF from the options.  It saved a PDF with all the blacklines visible, so it appears the Microsoft part works.  Odd though, the pdf may show the blacklines but it's over 500KB smaller than the other PDFs I created using Adobe's creations.


            During further testing I notice when you first Save As Adobe PDF, it auto launches Acrobat with the PDF.  At this point, you see all the blacklines, but next time the pdf is opened they are gone.   This only occurs with the Save as Adobe PDF.




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              Adorobat Adobe Employee

              Hi Jay,


              Sorry for the delay in response. 


              As mentioned above, black linings changes disappear in the saved pdf when converting a word file to a pdf using Save as Adobe PDF option in Word, is that correct?


              I tried replicating the issue on Windows 10 machine with Acrobat DC's latest version but the issue was not reproducible.


              Could you check if you have the latest version of Acrobat installed using "Check for updates" option under "Help" menu, You may also download updates from here: Adobe software and product updates

              Reboot the machine after installing update and try again.

              If that doesn't work, try resetting preferences for Acrobat using the steps given in this link: How to reset Acrobat Preference settings to default. reboot the machine after resetting preferences and try again.


              Does this happen with specific word files? Have you tried with other doc files?

              Also, let us know dot version of Acrobat and the operating system installed on the machine? You may refer to the steps given in this link on how to check the version in Acrobat: Identify the product and its version for Acrobat and Reader DC


              Let us know if you need any help.


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