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    How do I edit the Audio Channels?


      Hey everyone, so I have just gotten the trial for Premiere Pro because of the option to change the audio channels. For my project I needed to be able to replace the background music and by going to Audio Channels and switching it to the Center Media Source Channel, it worked based on the preview. However, I have no idea how to make the audio for my project be in the center channel outside of the preview. There's no option to make it my default setting for the audio and I can't find the preset I made anywhere. Sorry if I'm not being 100% clear since I'm brand new to this editing software and am getting accustomed to its layout. If anyone can help in any way I'd really appreciate it!

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          Qengineering Level 3

          Yeah, your terminology is confusing.


          It sounds like you right-clicked on a source file and selected Modify > Audio Channels. It gets confusing when you say you selected the "center channel" under Media Source Channels, and also that this selection removed background music.


          The only way (I can think of) that this would work is if your source file had music only on certain channels (that you turned off) and your desired sound only on certain other channels. I would refer to this as ISO (isolated) multi-track audio, but you you use terminology similar to surround sound which would likely have some music on the center channel. If you indeed have multi-track audio, simply drop your unmodified audio into a sequence at let the software create tracks for all the audio channels, then click the 'M' (mute) for the tracks you don't want to use.

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            byroncortezh Adobe Community Professional

            I do not understand you very well but what if you upload some screenshots with some explanation.

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              Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Beware trial is only 7 days.

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                ethanc33046627 Level 1

                Thanks for the response, I actually got into contact with support and they helped me figure out my problem with the audio. However, now I have another problem separate from the audio channels that I can hopefully articulate better. Whenever I try and export the video, it either results in a broken file or the program just shuts off halfway through. I've tried exporting it as different video types (mpg, AVI, etc.) but nothing seems to be working.

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                  Qengineering Level 3

                  That symptom can be caused by the source file format, the export format or the hardware (computer) limitations.

                  Please provide detailed information about each of the above possible causes.