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    No response from the server after 31st Jan 2008

    Chakree Level 1

      Just now came across a strange problem. I am working on a flex application which uses Flex 2 SDK and LCDS with Tomcat. Everything was working fine till yesterday(31st Jan 2008).
      But when I run my application today (1st Feb 2008), the request goes to the server and infact the server processed the request(seen from log files) but the response is not reaching the client (either result or fault).
      If I change my local system date to yesterday(31st Jan 2008) or before and run the application, everything works fine.

      I assume that this is due to licensing issue with LCDS, but I m using express version which doesn't have any such restrictions. I'm looking into the same.

      In the mean while I would appreciate, If I could get any clues or solutions for the above problem.