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    Browser Compatibility

      I seem to have a browser compatibility problem. When I test this site AbbottWalsh.com the spacing changes from Safari to Firefox. The space increase happens in Firefox between the top logo, address and page names. I am using DW CS3.

      Also, on another site, I am experiencing typo problems. When I work on a page via design mode or code mode and try to alter some type, an error will occur where as it will delete some unwanted letters or add unwanted space or even add some unwanted wierd type like a symbol or the letter "p". Is this perhaps a memory problem, since I only have 1 gig of RAM memory. I have tried tol quit my files AND DW all together and go back and open the file up and try to make a type change and this error keeps happening.

      I checked for software updates but I am all up to date.

      Thank you for your help.