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        pixlor Level 4
        Whoever made those probably used Illustrator or a similar program. If you can find a font or some clip art of vines, you could import the shapes into Fireworks and set their colors. (It would be difficult to draw them from scratch in Fireworks, but possible.)

        Once you have the font/clip-art into Fireworks and colored, you give them a glow of the same color (under Filters in the Properties panel).

        For the star field (on the one with the dark background), check this site of Hubble images: http://heritage.stsci.edu/gallery/galindex.html
        You'll need to use the lasso selection tool to make the irregular shapes, and you'll need to feather them.

        For the circular shapes, you'll need to learn how to fill with a transparent gradient. That's in the Properties panel, too.

        These images are fairly complex, but not impossible, once you find some vine art. Try here:
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          ageofem Level 1
          First image is drawing ornamentals, or flourishes, vines, you can do them in fireworks, but its a bit tricky, then use some layer mode effects etc, for the 2nd wallpaper , you can check my tutorial on how to draw night clouds, or you can use the bitmap tool and do some smudging, the planets and stars can be drawn using simple circles etc