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    Audio waveforms have dual personality and export is wrong. PPro 2018, Windows 10.


      Hi all,

      I'm using the latest CC on Windows 10 (6-core i7, NVIDIA Quadro, CUDA). I'm having a serious problem with audio.


      The audio waveform changes dramatically when I zoom the timeline:


      Here's one level of zoom, with a waveform I'll call "Waveform Alice":


      When I zoom out a little, it looks like this ("Waveform Bob"):


      You can see that Alice and Bob are very different around the cut point. The audio has shifted relative to the cut points, but the keyframes have not.


      This is annoying, but here's the problem: When I'm editing in the PPro timeline, I always hear Alice, irrespective of whether it's displaying Alice or Bob.
      My edits sound correct, and I'm happy.


      However, when I export, I get Bob's audio in the output file! This is also true when I export the audio to WAV. And it's also true when I export the sequence to Audition, in which case I get to see and hear Bob in the Audition timeline.


      I have cleared the media cache, and deleted all the media cache files, and reopened the project to create new .pek files, but with no improvcement.
      I have reinstalled PPro, deleting preferences. The problem persists.


      I'm going crazy!! And I'm already two days late with delivering this video because of this problem!


      I think I'm going to have to figure out how to play PPro's audio into REAPER and capture Alice's audio as a WAV file, because I sure as heck can't export it!


      Any ideas?