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    Duplicating Authorware quizzes using Flash CS3

    Dcoms Level 1
      We have many existing quizzes created with Authorware which we want to recreate using Flash CS3. I have been working on this project for about a month and the main issue I see is duplicating the user interactivity of Authorware with respect to text input and key presses from a keyboard.

      When an Authorware quiz starts, a student can immediately enter text into a text box. In Flash, the student must first click in the text input box and then enter the text. In the Authorware quiz, a student can press a key on the keyboard but in Flash, the student must click on the stage before the key press is recognized.

      Can I duplicate the interactivity of Authorware in Flash or must the student using the Flash quiz always have to click on the text input box or the stage first before entering text or pressing a key on the keyboard?

      Since I am new to Flash, there may be basic concepts I might be missing. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.