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    External Monitor loses sync when Premiere...


      I have this weird issue where my External Monitor loses sync when on my timeline my playback cursor goes over an area where there is no video. The monitor will re-sync and come back on after the cursor is on video for 3-5 seconds. Very annoying when I scub an area that has no video and I lose my monitor! I have tried adding black video, but that causes the external monitor issue as well.


      My workaround has been to put a "Bars and tone" video clip in a track and then reduce that clips opacity to zero and stretch that video for the entire project and forget about it.


      Decklink 4k card.


      Any ideas what would cause it?

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4

          That stuff is really complicated. Even if I knew exactly what you have (specs of computer, graphic cards, monitors or field monitor, settings, etc. ) I would be just as confused as you if it aint working right.

          Try black magic forums, read all the info about your monitor and settings you need, how to start BM projects in PPro, what your res. limits are, whether you are SDI or HDMI, interlaced or progressive output, and tons of stuff. Nobody here can help you with this vague issue. Think about it.. how many people use what you have (which you haven't even described in detail ) ??  Sorry, but don't lose hope. Maybe it's acting like a reference monitor to a field monitor and shows last frame when you stop on nothin. Who knows.



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            JER Rowell Level 1

            Thanks for taking the time to reply. Of course Black Magic support says it is a Premiere issue. I assume tons of people use a BM Decklink Studio 4k to power an external monitor. I was hoping somebody else experienced the issue. It's very weird that nothing being on my timeline causes my external to drop out a couple seconds. It will play video all day long and not drop out... but the second my cursor hit "nothing" it drops out.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is strange. I know quite a few people running both PrPro & Resolve who have those in the chain to be able to send out a full program-monitor out to a screen in Resolve. I'll be getting one myself in not too long for that.


              And I've never heard of this problem. I'll ask around a bit, but I think you have a unique situation there. Aren't you so thrilled?



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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Still facing this issue, JeremyR?