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    Outlook PDF Attachment 2018


      I have Acrobat 2010 installed on Windows 10 Pro.

      I received and email with a PDF attachment.  I opened the

      attachment okay.  But when I open my comparison PDF on a

      mapped network drive it will not open.  So from an outlook

      attached PDF to a local PDF acrobat will not open.  If I open the

      local file first then open the attachment in outlook they

      both will open.  I need to be able to open outlook first then

      open the local file.  Any ideas how to fix this?


      Thanks, Michael Smith

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi Michael,


          Sorry for the delay in response. 


          As per the issue description mentioned above, you are unable to open a pdf ( located on a mapped network drive) after successfully opening a pdf attachment (received in an email, in Outlook), is that correct?


          Could you try adding the network drive location under privileged location in Acrobat using the steps given in the following help document and try again: Enhanced security setting for PDFs, Adobe Acrobat


          Let us know how it goes.


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