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    Adobe Site pricing irregularities

    digital paradise Level 1

      On multiple sites people are getting two different offer pages using the same link. There was a thread on Luminous Landscape where a few PixelGenius members post. Some see both the $9.99 (Photography Plan) and the $19.99 (LR CC & 1TB) and others only see the $19.99 plan. Personally I don't care but it is ticking people off as they get frustrated trying to find the $9.99 plan. Since LR went subscription there has been has be pretty big dislike for Adobe and this just fuels it.


      I notices that when I open the main page the pricing spins for a few seconds before. This link always came up at $19.99 for person I was helping. For me $9.99 signed in or out of my account. I realize that you can scroll and look around but first impressions make a big difference and just starts more conspiracy theories.      


      This link came up with $19.99 for that person.   


      Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan | Professional photo editing software


      This link came up with all the plans for that person.    


      Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud


      Is there some reason for this?