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    needed customer support changes

    Helmholz Watson

      I am very frustrated with the lack of customer service Adobe is providing. Adobe ought to charge an additional dollar a month, or ten dollars a year and hire knowledgeable employees to help direct customers to their answers. Problems with crashing? What are the best tips without having to wade through countless posts by well-meaning people who might be offering terrible advice. Or simply an aknowledgment, that yes, there are certain problems right now, we are rushing a fix.


      I was excited to see that Premiere Pro got an update; alas, the inexplicable crashing has continued.Below is what I wrote on another post several days ago.



      FYI I have very new, high-performance HP Omen


      In the past two weeks I have experienced the following with Premiere Pro:


      -- the creative cloud desktop app would not load... had to uninstall and reinstall

      -- All of a sudden, the audio in my project stopped working. I somehow stumbled across the previous version of Premiere Pro, so I installed that. The audio started working again.

      -- Then PP would crash when I selected the color tab. I then installed the latest version. That didn't work.

      -- I checked to see if my windows 10 was updated it was. On a forum a person suggested that I needed to trash my preferences, ran a search on how to do that, it worked!

      -- That lasted a few days... and then this morning the videos refused to reload, I shutdown my computer and rebooted my project, still wouldn't open videos.

      -- trashed my preferences again... it worked!!! However, according to my performance monitor, PP was sucking up 15/16 gb of RAM when it would usually only use 8/16 gb of Ram. Had to reboot two more times for the RAM to reset to its normal level. Had to be patient for the program to load media each time.

      -- An hour later the scrubbing function -- both in the project and source monitor -- was locked for the files in a particular folder, but not for other folders... rebooted again... same problem... grabbed the original files and put them in a new folder... it worked.

      -- An hour after that, I clicked on the color tab again, PP froze and then crashed.


      On the forum, there are a few posts about crashing, but not this severe. I am also surprised that ideas on how to fix these issues are not organized better when you search for the problem. I also understand that Adobe has to watch expenses to make a profit, so I know you can't just chat with a technician whenever you want, but perhaps as part of their service (maybe charge an extra dollar per month for one question), you can chat with someone who can direct you to the solution faster...


      I am very frustrated right now... I am certain the problem is with PP, not my computer.