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    Re-sizing problems

      Hi there

      I have finished my 1st website on Director, and now, having put it onto the web i want to resize the page/movie from 1080 x 720px to a smaller proportionate size. I created the movie on a large screen at work and it fits on the browser exactly how i want it, but when i go onto my site on my personal computer and friends computers i have a scroll bar at the side which is not what i want.

      I have tried changing the size in publish settings, (percentages and px size). When i do this all my graphics become jagged.

      Does anyone know any simple way of resizing the movie without distorting my graphics?

      you can see the page at:
      to see the jagged edges etc

      thank you

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant
          There really is no good method for resizing any bitmap information without changing the quality of the image. Scaling bitmap information is a lossy process and so the success of the result is largely dependent on the content of that bitmap and the amount of the change in size.