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    R6 - Copying Projects / Translation

    ellenwill Level 1
      I am trying to copy my robo html project and give it another name. I have experimented and the TOC and Glossary disappear and hav to be recreated (manually as doing context sensitive help so not using folders to manage files in order to make mapping easier...). Should this happen? Is there an easier way to do this without loosing project data...

      I was trying to copy a project as wanting to translate it. When i experimented with the conditional build tags i found pages with both English and French on with respective conditional build tags attributed to them did not want to publish properly. In fact the page did not publish at all. However topics allocated with relevant conditional build tags published ok.

      Would be much better if all could be in same project instead of many of course but as i am generally finding the conditional build tags glitchy think copying may be the answer if easy to do and to manage...

      Advice appreciated...
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Just copy the project folder in Windows Explorer, open it up in RH and rename it.
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            ellenwill Level 1
            thank you for swift reply.. I tried this and works...i was trying to change the project name externally in windows explorer - which although nice to have is not necessary as can differentiate by folder name instead.

            now if anyone can let me know what to do about the glitchy conditional tags that would be great :->
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              What is your problem with build tags? You just need to exlcude either the "French" or "English" tag to get your output. Is this not happening?
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                ellenwill Level 1
                There is also this inconsistency of some publishing and others not. On most topics i have 2 tags. When i tried a new topic and added both tags and published it worked ok. I tried it for another topic and it did not work. In preview it would not view and when published it did not publish at all. I have rechecked the tags many times and correct ones have been chosen although sometimes likes to revert back to standard no tags for some reason. I have also found issues relating to having conditional tags at topic level and then having tags in the topic text. When i have conditional tags at topic level they over write the tags associated with tags in the text. Maybe i am trying to be to complex in what i am asking robohelp to do???
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                  RoboColum(n) Level 5
                  I would have thought that it is not generally advisable to have both topic and text level build tags. That is probably the cause of your woes. If you have only two tags, why do you need to apply them at both levels?
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                    ellenwill Level 1
                    Yes after my experiences i agree with you about topic and text level tags !! I was trying to include topics in TOC without having to publish them so i had tags for publish/not publish and then tags at text level for the languages. Instead i will have to revert back to not including topics in the TOC i don't want published. However would be great to have topics in TOC so i can see how structure is forming and that i haven't missed anything as easier to visualize, also for reviewing purposes as i currently have to publish to one location so others can review content and then re-publish to the official location once approved ...but guess not an option in R6...
                    Thank you for your replies :->