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    Locking an image into position on canvas and applying zoom and pan


      I have searched the forums and youtube tutorials but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I am just starting to learn and I imagine the footage is out there but I probably have the wrong terminologies as the search parameters.


      What I am hoping to do is add an image onto the timeline at approximately 75% of the canvas size, so that the background photo (Gaussian Blur of same photo) is visible behind the image.


      I can get this to work in normal instances, however I am struggling to find a way to be able to pan and zoom on the foreground photo.

      As the scale of the photo increases, naturally it fills the entire canvas, I have not been able to find a way to restrict the foreground photo to only apply the effect within a certain portion of the canvas?


      Please help me, Thanks genius's in advance.@

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee


          Hi, hope I can help.

          1. Stack up the two images in the timeline
          2. Scale the V1 clip to fit the screen
          3. Add a Gaussian Blur to the V1 clip
          4. Scale the V2 clip to be larger than the screen
          5. Nest the V2 clip
          6. Scale the nest to be 75% or so in the Program Monitor
          7. Double click the nest and create your animation with scale and position keyframes
          8. Return to the main timeline and playback the results


          This should work for you. Return to the post for additional questions.