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    First trouble I ever had with an Adobe Product!


      I spent the afternoon laboriously creating an educational product in Acrobat. When I was nearly finished, most of the text I'd entered vanished on about 60 pages. Next, my computer updated for hours. When it was finally finished, I expected to see my pdf repaired. Instead I discovered that Acrobat had also updated and my text was still gone. I had to select each page of text and change the font to either Arial or Arial Black in order to restore text, and some of the text was scrambled up. I'm shook up, not only because I wasted so much valuable time, but also because I've been using Adobe Creative Suite since the very first version and have never had an issue. I'm in shock! Can I expect things to get back to normal or am I in for more trouble?

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          jane-e Adobe Community Professional

          To clarify, you were using Adobe Acrobat as a text editor and made text edits on 60 pages? How often did you save as you were working?


          Did Acrobat close because your computer started the automatic updates?


          Please be aware that while you can make edits in Acrobat, it is not a text editor. The best way to make major edits is in the original source document, such as Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.


          If you are a user of Creative Suite (now Creative Cloud), then the document may have been created using Adobe InDesign. That's where you should be making major edits.


          I'm sorry that you lost your document. Not saving as you go is the usual reason for losing as much as you did.

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