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    Slow preview due to access to raw files rather than preview


      Hello together,


      my problem is, that I need to have a very quick overview over hundrets of Pictures in few minutes. I want to Import and render them and then I want to rate them in library mode very quickly.


      I am using a actual Lightroom classic Version on a i7 8086K, GTX1070, 16GB RAM. Catalog is on a very fast SSD and the Pictures are on an internal (slower) HDD.


      Unfortunately I have always acces on my slower HDD. I tried rendering smart  preview, 1:1 preview and standard. It is always the same: it works best for 1:1 and it works as expected for few Pictures, lets say 7..8 Pictures, then Lightroom Access the HDD and I have to wait few seconds and cannot move on.


      How can I render the Pictures or say Lightroom to use the preview without accessing my HDD?


      Size of preview is set to automatic (3840 - I am using 4k Monitor)

      Quality is set to low


      Thanks a lot,